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Once upon a time, for me at least, navigating my way through the myriad of choices of skin care products was like jumping into a rabbit hole. I would get entranced with the many brands to choose from and kept buying inexpensive lotions, creams and moisturizers because my sole criteria was price only to be disappointed at its failure to deliver on its promise of all day moisture and hydration.

One of the most shocking revelations for me when I started researching skin care products for my personal use was the huge discrepancy in the price points of the products available. It amazed me that for what seemed like the same type product, let’s say a facial moisturizer, can be purchased at your corner CVS or Rite Aid for less than $10. But when you step into Bloomies, Saks or Sephora, searching for a $10 Facial Moisturizer was like searching for a unicorn!

What’s the deal with that? How can facial moisturizers be so on the opposite spectrums of price? 

This conundrum was quickly answered when I compared the ingredients between a popular “drugstore” find with a popular high end brand. The side by side comparison left me stunned! No wonder the low end brand was $10 and the upscale brand was more than $50 (for the same size jar)!
As a pharmaceutical rep I was used to comparing the branded medications I sold with other branded drugs in the same class. Trained to decipher the differences in pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics between products, I quickly cracked the code on how some skin care companies can afford to price their products for so much less.

Although it may seem that you’re comparing apples to apples since they’re both facial moisturizers, it was more like comparing beer with champagne. Or Mickey D’s to a Michelin-rated restaurant!
The lower end brand was basically a bunch of chemicals thrown together without thought towards efficacy and any benefits for the skin. In comparison the high end brand had mostly plant-based, natural ingredients that were curated to formulate an effective product. Basically you can choose to buy a $10 cream and you’d only be slathering toxic chemicals all over your face and body. Eww! Who wants that?

Or you can spend 6-10x that amount to have a safer, non-toxic, skin nourishing cream.

That huge divide with the price points though did not feel right.

As I channeled my inner Sherlock (or Agathie Christie, I don’t discriminate), and dug deeper into this mystery, I began to develop connections and contacts in the industry and this was when I learned why upscale brands cost so astronomically more.

It wasn’t a surprise to learn that there’s a lot more cost involved in using botanicals and natural ingredients in skin care manufacturing. Between the research and development involved and the sourcing of ingredients from all over the world, enriched botanical skin care is undeniably more expensive to produce . (That’s precisely why our products at Neat Skin Care Co. NY are priced higher than the mostly synthetic and chemical based brands that you can buy from even a dollar store).

But certainly there must be a reason why the upscale brands were so much more expensive, right?! There had to be!

The hard truth is there really is no mystery behind the exorbitant prices of the big name brands. The only reason the upscale brands are so expensive is that a majority of the cost that goes into the retail price of the upscale, big name brands goes into their advertising, warehousing, marketing, packaging costs. What you’re paying hundreds of dollars for does not necessarily go into the formulation of the product itself.
Industry powerhouse brands spend millions of dollars to place ads on tv, radio and celebrity endorsements.

This is what inspired me to launch Neat Skin Care Co NY.

I was determined to be the disrupter. I made it my mission to bridge that gap between the effective but expensive brands and the cheaper but ineffective low end brands. I wanted to offer another option. There was an unmet need in the market that needed a solution. It was high time to have quality skin care products at a more cost-friendly price point that would make it affordable for everyone.

Through my collaboration with the most reputable, eco-responsible manufacturers we are now able to offer luxury botanical based skin care without the added costs that big name brands and industry giants incur. What we save on advertising, marketing, and costly packaging, we put into the integrity of our products and pass on those savings to our customers.
We use the finest quality, highest performing ingredients in their highest concentrations that yield the best results. Our partner manufacturers begin the development process with a focus on high concentrations of standardized botanical extracts backed by extensive clinical testing. This is merged with the latest technolgies that enhance the efficacy of our formulas. Our focus on high-end skin care minus the advertising and marketing costs means we can provide products that are high quality at a value point better than most branded skin care lines. We focus on quality and high performance formulas only. This is the advantage that Neat Skin Care Co. NY offers.

No need to jump into the rabbit hole. We did it for you and came out of it bearing gifts for everyone.
We make affordable luxury, Enriched Botanical Skin Care for all.


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