About Us




"It all started with a vision..."

Most success stories start with that line. Mine, not quite. I didn’t find my North Star until later on in life and only after a few career changes. Inspiration came out of necessity. 

In a nutshell, I devoted 11 years in pharmaceutical sales, took a brief dab into non-profits and a hiatus from the corporate world as a small business co-owner in Manhattan.

Why skincare?

I became acutely aware of the importance of natural skin care products when I decided it was time to elevate my skin care regimen not so long ago. I was lucky enough in my twenties and thirties to have healthy skin but as I stepped into my 40's I started to notice fine lines around my eyes, sun spots and yes, age spots! I started to panic! All those years of neglecting my skin and not having a proper skin care routine in place was taking its toll. I realized that I needed to pay more attention to my skin care maintenance. *Side note: If I knew then what I know now, I definitely would've taken better care of my skin! So for all you millennials out there, don't wait! Take good care of your skin now. Your skin will thank you in 20 years!
I always felt intimidated by the upscale skin care brands and felt like it was too much of a splurge to spend more than $100 on a jar of creme! But I was also let down by the cheaper alternatives because they just didn't seem to have the right ingredients and didn't really work.
I figured there ought to be a better way to tackle my dilemma. That's when I decided to do my due diligence and started my skin care journey. I became a skin care "junkie" and began to earnestly look into skin care products meticulously.
My search for natural skin care products for my own use led me down a path of discovery. Using my background in pharmaceutical sales, which included more than a decade's time studying disease states and appropriate pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic treatments, I dove into researching the best skin care products on the market. In pharmaceutical sales we are trained to figure out what the industry's unmet needs are. Before launching any product there has to be evidence that the formulas work, that it is effective and provides benefits that can improve the quality of life of the end user. 
One of the things I learned in my personal skin care research is that because our skin is constantly exposed to environmental free radicals, such as air pollutants and sun exposure, we need skin care maintenance products that are rich in antioxidants and packed with skin nourishing properties without harsh ingredients that can be harmful not only to our skin but to our overall health as well.
This inspired me to develop my own skin care line. I sought the guidance of industry experts and leaders to assist me in creating the best natural, botanical skin care products. I searched tirelessly for industry partners who have been manufacturing skin care products for many years using ethical practices and following the code of good manufacturing practices.
After many sleepless nights and start-up challenges, Neat Skin Care Co. NY became official.
  • to create a specialty botanical skin care line using the best natural ingredients combined with nature identical, plant derived science. 
  • to formulate and design products that are eco friendly, Non-GMO, not tested on animals and free of sensitizing ingredients gentle enough for every skin type.
  • to create products with the appropriate amount of natural ingredients intended for maximum skin rejuvenating efficacy.
Every product we create at Neat Skin Care Co. NY is a labor of love. We are constantly developing new naturally-enriched formulations to ensure that our customers not only look good, but also feel good about the brand they are loyal to. We take creating brand loyalty seriously which is why we meticulously curate all the ingredients that go into each product.
We also put extra effort into making sure all of our packaging are nontoxic and eco-friendly. By using vendors who use recycled paper and recyclable packaging we are able to minimize our carbon footprint. 

Whatever it is that inspires you, take that leap of faith and make your dream happen. My journey to entrepreneurship and building a start-up business from the ground up, is a testament to this advice. Study it, do your research, network, live it, breathe it. You may encounter setbacks in your path. Take it in stride. Pull yourself by your bootstraps and keep going. The tougher the challenge, the larger the reward. Inspiration is all around us. Cultivate your ideas, find your North Star, and let it lead you to what you have always been meant to do.

Always be inspired,
Candy Iannelli
Founder/ CEO
Neat Skin Care Co. NY